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We accept all major credit and debit cards(Switch, Mastercard, Visa etc.), we do not accept American Express. Do global take Amex?


We want all our customers to be happy and if you do have complaint over quality or damage to any items that you have received, we want to know about it. Free returns only apply to items that have been damaged or have quality issues, should you wish to return an item for any other reason, you will be charged the set delivery and collection rate for returns.


If damage has been caused while the product was in transit to you please keep hold of the item and all the packaging and inform us immediately, we will then be able to take the matter up with our courier and make sure a replacement is despatched to you. We may require photographs of the damage as proof for our couriers. The courier will be under instruction to collect the damaged item for return to us.


Contact our customer service department outlining your quality issues via info@rustichouse.co.uk. This will provide us with an opportunity to investigate and resolve the issue. In some circumstances we may ask you to return the item or send photos to help us with our investigation. In all circumstances, complaints of quality must be received within 30 days of delivery. If any of the goods have been used, or are not available for collection Patio-Furniture Ltd will not be able to replace them.


We know you’ll love your new purchase and will want to look after it. Below are a few key points to help get the best out of your new furniture.

Wood Products

Being a natural product, it will need to be kept well oiled in order to maintain its natural protection from the ageing process. A good covering of oil on a regular basis will help with this. We go to great lengths to ensure that our furniture is of the highest quality. Natural wood characteristics such as small cracks appearing in the end grain due to change in temperature and humidity can occur. These may appear and disappear with the changing weather conditions and are purely cosmetic. This will not affect the durability, serviceability or structural integrity of your furniture and is completely normal.

Dust is also a problem for any fine furniture, using a lint free cloth to wipe down the surfaces will really ensure longevity.
You can wash down the surface but always avoid alkaline soaps as these can be damaging to the surface. Ensure you wipe off any excess after cleaning.

We always recommend a coaster or matt for hot/wet items as these can mark or damage the surfaces. Clean up any spillages swiftly, and again, a good coat of oil will help limit any stains from occurring.

Suar Wood - Please be advised that due to the nature of the wood we do not advise placing the table legs directly onto a carpet or susceptible flooring materials. If you wish to do so please place a protective layer underneath each leg to prevent wood staining. Any other flooring; lino, tiles or wood should be fine.


Application of cleaning products is not recommended for our wicker furniture, simply dry wipe the product and if dusty, simply use a hoover to clean the item.

UV rays, rain and moisture can weather the product so we recommend limiting the exposure for our wicker.

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